Logo/Personal Project

Martis Valley

Martis Valley Logo.

A contemporary symbol of history and values

The simple mark with tons of symbolism. The M consists of mountains, valley, and rows of grape vines. The elements are combined to form a sleek modern Mark.

Martis Valley’s word mark is set in a traditional serif to represent the brand’s heritage. The modern M mark and the traditional font juxtapose to create a modern yet timeless logo.

Martis Valley word mark burned onto the top of a barrel.
M monogram over image of grape field.
Bottle of Martis Valley wine.

Green represents Martis Valley’s commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. The gold hues reflect their commitment to quality and excellence. At the same time, black symbolizes their uncomplicated spirit, which is aligned with the company’s core values of honesty, simplicity, and trust.

The angled color fields represent the mountains and valleys the region is known for.